How to start working even when it’s not morning?


There are lots of articles on the Internet talking about morning routine which helps you get productive by stabilizing actions in the morning. However, it’s more often you have to start work when it’s not morning, e.g., after a long break of pomodoro, after a nap you usually took afternoon, after you move from the café to home, etc. They occur more in your life, so it’s wonderful for you to actively have those time being productive rather than morning only.

The trigger

As a non-native English user, I started to train my English typing speed about a month ago (and it worked well that I can touch-type about 65±5 WPM now). I formed this habit by having a test on The Typing Cat at the beginning of a day and every break of pomodoro period. Sooner did I find that after I purely play the game for fun, I feel active for work even when it’s not the beginning of the day, i.e., playing the game triggers me to work. The point is that you can actively trigger yourself to work by forming a habit you’d at every beginning of working period.

It’s a good habit to train typing speed, but for those who want to choose other triggers for work, it’s crucial to ensure the habit can be executed at the every beginning of your work. Thus, it should at least:

  • be safe for work;
  • be short for executing (in this case, typing testing only requires one minute);
  • be fun to do (really, typing testing is fun).


It’s harder to start working rather than to continue working. Morning routine is a good concept to have a service to dominate the day later. However, there’s a lot more you can do even when it’s not morning. Find something with the above three properties to boost your productivity.