Zeroth post — Purposes of this blog

Major one — motivation

The goal of writing this blog is to motivate myself to research for topics I unintentionally have interest in.

There are a few topics currently haunting in my brain:

  1. The SOP of thinking: the standard operating procedure to store your ideas in a well-organised system, and ultimately link them into articles.
  2. The guideline to self-learning with the power of Internet: I accidentally found a guideline teaching people how to ask questions in the Internet. Mixed with my faith that Internet shouldn’t be treated as a blocker in education, the idea should be expanded to teaching people how to live more energetically (for learning), how to design an achievable project, how to ask questions on Internet (as the above), etc.

Minor ones — practices

Not just for the motivation, I also aim to improve other abilities. By illustrating the work in English, I can directly sharpen my English writing & thinking abilities; with reviews and continuation of previous articles, I can generate new ideas, expanding the existing set — as a researcher do. To sum, the minor purpose of this blog is to boost the researching and English abilities.

Name of this blog

As for the name of this blog, it wasn’t well-prepared. It was more like a sudden flash instead. The meaning, however, was quite clear — to ensure I myself act on the basis of an “axiom,” which explains every motion I make. “What is that axiom?” you may ask. Well, the answer is “I don’t know,” or, more precisely, “I don’t know yet.”