Review for “How to Make 2008 Significantly More Exciting Than 2007”

It’s a review article for How to Make 2008 Significantly More Exciting Than 2007.

Basic concept

To make college life more with values and excitement, it’s worth having a grand project, i.e., a desired project held by yourself to have the amazing feeling of “building something unique by yourself.” It’s beneficial to student life overall by inserting a project to raise the achievement and hence boost productivity at large.

Practical way to completing the grand project

You may ask people in the field of your project to set the next step. Once you identify the step which is probably not accomplishable in one working period or even a single day, it’s crucial to break down the step and fix the schedule to form a habit. If you finish a step, repeat from asking people again until you finish the grand project. Note that parallel steps are allowed.

My Comments

The hardest part of this idea is to write down the grand project at first place. People may have things they want to do deep in their head, but few can present the idea concisely and with logic enough to ask for help. It’s a pity that Taiwan’s education didn’t focus on how to present in the way above.

My Actions

  1. Collect the essays I have written to write down the details of the grand project. (The priority is low, though.)

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